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Privacy Policy

PRO-TEK, L.L.C. believes that your privacy is important. PRO-TEK, L.L.C. receives names and email addresses only when personally submitted by users on any information request screen. Information request screens allows users to ask specific questions of , PRO-TEK, L.L.C. request information about PRO-TEK's, L.L.C. services, offer feedback, comments, or suggestions about PRO-TEK, L.L.C. services. Additional information may be gathered without users' knowledge by PRO-TEK, L.L.C. Any such information submitted or otherwise obtained enables PRO-TEK, L.L.C. to respond to user inquiries and measure its Site users' needs, interests, and ideas for future Site development. PRO-TEK, L.L.C. respects the privacy of users visiting us at and does not send unsolicited emails or any direct marketing materials. PRO-TEK, L.L.C. also does not provide your personal information to any third parties. , PRO-TEK, L.L.C. however, does not guarantee that your personal information will remain private. If you would like to change or delete any information that you have submitted to PRO-TEK, L.L.C., please contact